New York Haunted House | Tagsylvania The Fear of the Southern Tier


ALL NEW ATTRACTION- come see if you have what it takes to check it out and also check out.

Motel 666-has been treaded on by many pairs of travelers’ feet just passing through Tagsylvania. Today you can still hear the faint sound of footsteps echoing down the hallways from those guests that weren’t lucky enough to check out. An unknown evil encompassed the motel one day leaving all those in it dead and stuck to rot. Each room holds an unspeakable story whether it’s about the guests that went on gruesomely murdering the others that day, demonic possession encompassing their actions, having them run mad with a thirst for blood. Or whether it’s the more horrific unexplainable scenes held by the rooms from years past… you can check in but we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to check out.





Tagsylvania is a a 3 part haunted attraction in Upstate New York featuring a haunted house, trail, and circus. Tagsylvania is the only Upstate New York Haunted House to be featured as a “Top 31 Must See Haunt!