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A Speed Pass takes you to the front of the line. Speed Passes do not get you into the attractions -they just take you to the front of the line at the Attraction.



Children under 10, those afraid of the dark, Using Crutches, Elderly Persons, Pregnant Women, or those with any Physical Ailment, Claustrophobia, Respiratory Problems, Heart Condition, Epileptic Seizures or other Debilitating Conditions, and persons with Emotional or Physical Trauma should NOT enter this attraction.

Special Effects are used periodically throughout this attraction. Strobe Lighting, Fog Effects, Darkness, Intense Sound, Extreme Visual Effects, Graphic Imagery, Claustrophobic Spaces as well as Performer and Automated Startle Scares.

If you are subject to Epileptic Seizures, are Pregnant, have Respiratory Problems or have an Existing Heart Condition or other Medical Problem, DO NOT ENTER!