• No Alcohol is allowed within the Village of Tagsylvania – regardless of age.
• No Smoking is allowed in the attractions
• No Profanity
• No Running
• No Touching the Actors or the Props
• No Flip Flops or High Heels. For your comfort and safety, we recommend wearing sneakers or hiker boots.
• No Video or flash Photography
• No weapons or sharp objects of any kind are allowed on the property. If you are caught with any, they will be confiscated.
• Admittance will be denied if you appear intoxicated
• An adult must accompany children under 15
• You must be respectful of Tagsylvania Security Personnel. They are here to make sure everyone has fun. If you disrespect Security, you will be removed from the Village.
• Not obeying the laws of Tagsylvania is cause for immediate removal. If you are removed – No refund will be provided.
• All ticket sales are final! There are NO REFUNDS or RETURNS! If you are scared, we did our job.

Enter at your own risk!


Children under 10, those afraid of the dark, Using Crutches, Elderly Persons, Pregnant Women, or those with any Physical Ailment, Claustrophobia, Respiratory Problems, Heart Condition, Epileptic Seizures, or other Debilitating Conditions, and persons with Emotional or Physical Trauma should NOT enter this attraction.

Special Effects are used periodically throughout this attraction. Strobe Lighting, Fog Effects, Darkness, Intense Sound, Extreme Visual Effects, Graphic Imagery, Claustrophobic Spaces, Performer, and Automated Startle Scares.

If you are subject to Epileptic Seizures, are Pregnant, have Respiratory Problems, or have an Existing Heart Condition or other Medical Problem, DO NOT ENTER!