In 1740 Atsingnetsing was a quiet village located in what today is known as Big Flats, New York. With just 147 residents it was a wonderful place to live; that is until October 31st of that year. It was reported by the lone survivor at the time that a strange thick fog encompassed the village and the residents were possessed by beings with an uncontrollable craving for blood. They terrorized each other in ways far beyond comprehension of the normal mind. By the stroke of midnight on that fateful night, Atsingnetsing was renamed Tagsylvania by the neighboring town-folks, as the town appeared to have been overtaken by some kind of otherworldly creatures.

The one lone survivor told a story so bizarre that no one would have ever believed it. If not for the evidence that lay scattered within the town: a virus, supernatural beings, or an evil beyond mere comprehension – no one will ever know. What we do know is that every fall a thick fog begins to rise from the swamp behind Tag’s. Within that fog resides something that possesses all those in its path – trapping them forever with the former residents of Tagsylvania – returning to replay the night of their untimely demise.

Researchers, scientists, and supernatural experts traveled from far and wide trying to solve the mystery of the creeping fog to no avail. Some have been consumed by it never to be seen again. After multiple attempts to reach the epicenter of the fog, the swamp lands became known as Psycho Swamp due to the nature of the shadows people could see roaming inside. On the outskirts of the fog lay an abandoned Orphan House, but some say it’s not at all what it seems.

The tales of the fog grew, and word spread bringing thrill seekers, entertainers, and ghost hunters alike. Setting up on the edge of the fog, a traveling cavalcade of horror made the unfortunate decision to stop right as the fog extended its domain – swallowing Jerkus Circus whole.  A local businessman, hoping to make a profit on the tourists voyaging in, crafted Motel 666, but the very next year the fog consumed that, too. No one is safe as the fog grows expanding and devouring everything it touches.

However, with all the warnings, wives’ tales, and proof, people still make the trek to Tagsylvania. A small coven of diviners even travel and set up tents to invite people in for a reading. Some locals attempt to test their luck, demonstrate their bravery, and catch a glimpse of the tortured souls residing in the fog. Just heed this warning: do not stray too far from your path or deviate from your group, as you may be the next victim of the rolling fogs of Tagslyvania.

Do you dare to enter?